Life is Bigger Than That

Float away with peace of mind and incredible love

by Cindy Myska, co-founder of DailyHap

My sister wrote these words to me about an experience she had during meditation:

I felt myself lying on the ground in an open field at night by myself—looking up to the stars—and I couldn’t move but it was totally ok. For a short time I got to lay by Mom again! And feel free even though I couldn’t move. The world/universe is big! Mom showed me, even given her circumstance of being in her body at the end of her life: Life is bigger than that.

Peace of mind and incredible love passed from Mom to me—we just need to accept it.

Those words kept rolling around in my mind for days. Life is bigger than that. My mom was held prisoner in her own body for years, subject to a neurological disease that slowly took away her ability to care for herself, to speak, to write, to walk, even to feed herself. And yet here she was after her death showing up to tell us “Life is bigger than that“.

I slanted my mind every which way to understand. Does it mean she did not get “caught up” in the fact that her body was
a prison? Was she continually able to live bigger than her body, so that she lived in a state of peace of mind and incredible love?

I move to apply that slant on things I am dealing with in my work, in my life, in my relationships. As each situation arises for me to make decisions or deal with, I kept repeating “Life is bigger than that“.

It does not change that I have to deal with things, it just gives me an incredibly different perspective. What was a myopic focus on my “to do” list of decisions to make and issues to deal with became drops of water in the ocean. Yes, I had to take care of things; but no, my drops of water in the ocean would not change the vast nature of the ocean, would not change the waves rolling in or out, would not change the wetness.

Accepting a bigger life means accepting a peace of mind and incredible love—which meant accepting that I was worthy, a loved child of God simply because I exist. Life is bigger than my worry about making great decisions because the truth of life is love. The rest, the “issues to deal with” lists, while part of life itself, are best undertaken with the peace of mind—and incredible love.

That is the bigness my mom is talking about.

Image: Some rights reserved by Chris Ford

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