Love Advice from Country Songs

Twangy tunes full of wisdom

by a 21-year-old know-it-all who wishes to remain anonymous (also seen here and here)  

Q: “I’m so heartbroken over my recent breakup. I never want to date again!”
A: As Garth Brooks says, “Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain/ But I’d of had to miss the dance.” Remind yourself in the hard times that the relationship was worth the time spent on it, even if it is over now. You learn something from every relationship you are in and can only grow stronger. Relationships can be like dances, whirling, twirling, dizzying fun that just might come to an end.

Q: “I like this girl in my class but am afraid that if we were to hang out outside of class we will have nothing to talk about since we are so different. Should I pursue her or will our different worlds never be able to coincide?”
A: Trace Adkins might have some words of wisdom for you: “Love ain’t supposed to make sense/ This ain’t no thinkin’ thing, right brain, left brain/ It goes a little deeper than that/ It’s a physical, chemical, emotional devotion/ Passion that we can’t hold back/ There’s nothin’ that you need to analyze/ There ain’t no rhyme or reason why. . .” You can’t help who you have an attraction to, and you might as well pursue it to see where it leads. Part of the fun of love is the horizons broadened through interactions with people different for you. Go for it!

Q: “I really like this guy, but he doesn’t like me. What’s wrong with me?”
A: Nothing! George Strait croons, “You can’t make a heart love somebody/ You can tell it what to do, but it won’t listen at all/ You can’t make a heart love somebody/ You can lead a heart to love, but you can’t make it fall.” You are who you are, and you need to embrace who that is! There is nothing that you can do to change someone’s mind. Move on to someone who appreciates your affections and who your heart loves!

Q: “My girlfriend gets so mad at me! What can I do to make her stop getting mad?”
A: Female songstress Terri Clark enlightens the nation with her words: “I’ll never leave, I’ll never stray/ My love for you will never change/ But I ain’t ready to make up/ We’ll get around to that/ I think I’m right, I think you’re wrong/ I’ll prob’ly give in before long/ Please don’t make me smile/ I just wanna be mad for a while.” Girls often want to be mad, to feel their feelings, even to vent, and then they move on. Don’t take her anger personally, just realize that she needs to get her emotions out.

Q: The ultimate question: “Why are guys and girls on such different wave lengths?”

A: You know, Kenny Chesney really knows what he’s talking about when he says that there are some things that just can’t be explained: “Talked a good game when we were out with the guys/ But in the back seat we were awkward and shy/ Girls were a mystery that we couldn’t explain/ And I guess there are some things that are never gonna change” And some things are just better left mysteries!

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