Love/Hate: A Commitment to Working Out

The duality of a great commitment to health

Love/Hate is a series exploring how to be happy embracing the everyday duality of life.

A commitment to working out is a great thing, but sometimes  it’s hard to balance. Read on for our top five reasons to love and hate a commitment to working out!

5 Things We Love About: A Commitment to Working Out

  1. It’s obviously good for us from a physical health standpoint: we manage our weight, build muscle, prevent disease.
  2. It’s good for us from a mental health standpoint: we feel better, less stressed, more focused
  3. It’s good for our egos/vanity: we look better (naked).
  4. It’s good for building bonds: working out or playing sports together solidifies friendships
  5. It’s just plain fun to lift weights, play sports, do yoga, take a class, learn something new

5 Things We Hate About: A Commitment to Working Out

  1. When we have to get up early or stay up late to fit in a workout.
  2. Choosing between social life and a workout.
  3. The conflicting advice—how do we know what’s best for us?
  4. Walking down stairs after heavy leg days.
  5. Missing a day!!

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