Love/Hate: Bonus Free Time!

Exploring what we love and hate about bonus free time

Love/Hate is a new series exploring the everyday duality of life.

Say you suddenly get a day off of work or an all-day obligation is cancelled. Wahoo! The day stretches before you with hours and hours of unscheduled free time … bonus!

5 Things We Love About: Bonus Free Time

  1. Endless possibilities
  2. Guilt-free “me” time!
  3. Catching up on reading or our fave tv shows
  4. Taking the time to cook dinner
  5. Long walks, hikes, or workouts we don’t always get to enjoy leisurely

5 Things We Hate About: Bonus Free Time

  1. Endless possibilities mire you in indecision
  2. Feeling guilty we’re not doing something “productive”
  3. Catching up on cleaning/household chores
  4. Cooking dinner or doing something because we feel obligated to now that we have the time
  5. Feeling lazy when we choose to just lounge around the house

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