Love/Hate: Driving Topless*

*As in, without the top on our jeep or convertible, or with windows or sunroof open

Love/Hate is a series exploring the everyday duality of life.

Ah, driving topless. It’s Fall, the weather is crisp, the skies are blue, there’s a freshness to the air that you absolutely must capture. But there are downsides to all that fresh air—read: wind—blowing in your hair…

5 Things We Love About: Driving Topless

  1. Freeeeeeedom

  2. We just focus on observing our surroundings and driving, not texting (what?!), eating, or anything else

  3. The sun toasts our skin

  4. You can hear (and laugh at) your car-neighbors’ music

  5. It puts us in an unshakeable good mood

5 Things We Hate About: Driving Topless

  1. No freedom to pick zits, pick our nose, pick whatever we normally do in the assumed privacy of our vehicles

  2. No snacks while driving?!

  3. The wind whips our skin, hair, and face… windburn isn’t cute

  4. You can’t really play your own music unless it’s REALLY loud

  5. Unless there’s a surprise rainstorm

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