Love/Hate: Feeling Great

Exploring what we love and hate about feeling great

Love/Hate is a new series exploring the everyday duality of life.

5 Things We Love About: Feeling Great

  1. Feeling like we’re on top of the world
  2. The lightness in our step
  3. A strong sense of success
  4. How other things seem to happen that are great; bad things feel less bad
  5. Celebrating with special activities like dinner or vacations

5 Things We Hate About: Feeling Great

  1. The fear that the great feeling won’t last
  2. Guilt that other people don’t feel as great
  3. Whew, the energy expenditure it takes to be so excited!
  4. The pressure to keep feeling great
  5. How the hours fly by and we run out of daylight for all our high-energy projects

… what do you love and hate about feeling great?

Image: Some rights reserved by Alex Bellink

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