Love/Hate: Friends Visiting

You know when your old-school friends stay with you for a weekend or more?

Love/Hate is a series exploring how to be happy embracing the everyday duality of life.

We love having visitors! We love our friends! But there is a little bit of duality about it …

5 Things We Love About: Friends Visiting

  1. Catching up and connecting like no time has passed
  2. Doing all the tourist-y things you don’t do alone
  3. Sharing your amazing life with the visitors
  4. Constantly doing stuff (see #2)
  5. Eating out, enjoying happy hours, and sipping cocktails

5 Things We Hate About: Friends Visiting

  1. Having to explain our actions!
  2. Sometimes tourist-y things are tourist-y for a reason …
  3. The pressure to show the visitors an amazing life
  4. Constantly doing stuff (see #3)
  5. Spending lots of calories and money!

Image: Some rights reserved by H o l l y.

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