Love/Hate: Making Big Decisions

It’s agony, it’s ecstasy.

Love/Hate is a new series exploring the everyday duality of life.

Making big decisions: it’s agony, it’s ecstasy. Considering past, present, and future can bring up lots of emotions, but we love the sweet relief when we make a choice! 

5 Things We Love About: Making Big Decisions

  1. Dreaming of the outcomes of the decision
  2. Nervous excitement about the possibilities
  3. Our brains are constantly engaged, thinking about the options
  4. A sense of resolution when we make the decision
  5. Sharing the big news with everyone!

5 Things We Hate About: Making Big Decisions

  1. Considering possible negative outcomes
  2. Nervous stomach
  3. We can’t seem to stop thinking about the options
  4. Feeling paralyzed by choice
  5. A sense of sadness for the other option(s)

Image: Some rights reserved by InaFrenzy

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