Love/Hate: Making New Friends

The joys and challenges of embarking on a new friendship

Love/Hate is a series exploring the everyday duality of life. 

Having a wide network of friends can make you happier. When you meet someone you immediately click with, you are so excited by the possibility of a new friendship. But where does this friendship go? Will you make the leap from casual to close? Read on for our take on the good, bad, and ugly of new friends.

5 Things We Love About: Making New Friends

  1. A new person, perspective, and dynamic in your life
  2. New things to do, new adventures to have with the new friend
  3. Access to all their friends
  4. Experiencing new comfort levels and closeness
  5. You can retell all your old, oft-told stories to fresh ears

5 Things We Hate About: Making New Friends

  1. A new person in your life with their own perspective, which may challenge your own
  2. Spending money celebrating all their things—birthdays, engagements, promotions
  3. More new friends to care about
  4. Not knowing where you stand or if you can really count on the new friend
  5. You have to tell boring backstory for some stories 

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