Love/Hate: Moving

Whether it’s down the block or across the country, nothing inspires joy and pain quite like packing up and moving

Love/Hate is a series exploring how to be happy embracing the everyday duality of life.

Moving is one of those dualities: it’s agony packing and hauling and loading and unloading and unpacking, but it’s ecstasy being in a new place!

5 Things We Love About: Moving

  1. Purging! Getting rid of all the junk we accumulate.
  2. Reminiscing—you know when you find yourself in the middle of a pile of boxes, flipping through old photo albums or journals? Priceless!
  3. The marked transition: loading the truck, unloading the truck—it’s all part of the routine we all know.
  4. A clean slate in the new place
  5. The first beers/glasses of wine in the new place!

5 Things We Hate About: Moving

  1. Packing! How did we get so much stuff?
  2. Reminiscing—suddenly three hours is gone and nostalgia for an old flame is all we have to show for it.
  3. Loading. and. unloading. the. truck.
  4. Saying goodbye to the memories of the old place
  5. Even if it’s just treating your friends/movers to beers, it’s freakin’ expensive!

Image: Some rights reserved by waitscm

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