Love/Hate: The Approach of Fall but the End of Summer

Seasons changing brings up all sorts of dichotomies

Love/Hate is a series exploring the everyday duality of life.

Ah, fall. Marked by kids going back to school whether or not you have kids, the autumnal change is a big one. Read on for our reactions.

5 Things We Love About: The Approach of Fall

  1. The feeling of starting something new, in the middle of a year
  2. The crispness in the air, before it’s really cold (true even in mild climates, just more drawn out)
  3. Saying hello to football season, fall TV, pumpkin-flavored everything, and sales
  4. The promise of what we’ll do this fall: leaf-peeping and tailgating
  5. The weird, communal notion that we’ll all hunker down and get to work

5 Things We Hate About: The End of Summer

  1. The long, lazy days of relaxing season are drawing to an end
  2. We’ll miss the hot-hot heat of the sun warming our bodies
  3. Slowly saying goodbye to pool parties, beach days, boat rides, and barbecues
  4. Lingering regrets of what we didn’t do this summer: mini road trips or enough porch-sitting
  5. The weird communal notion that it’s not okay to just lay outside and do nothing anymore

*Many of our readers are in Texas. To you, we offer our apologies, as we know this article is an insult in two respects: first, your summer is hardly over, and second, there is nothing you hate about the end of summer. Take solace in the fact that Texas is awesome. 

ImageSome rights reserved by Ian Sane, Upper Butte Creek Falls near Scott Mills, Oregon

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