Love/Hate: The Pursuit of Happiness

The greatest joy and the greatest pain (in the butt)

Love/Hate is a new series exploring the everyday duality of life. This Love/Hate is based on last week’s Damn This Happiness Thing article, click here to read it.

5 Things We Love About: The Pursuit of Happiness

  1. A deep inner peace settles over us
  2. Happiness is fun
  3. We give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves
  4. Every day is easier, better, lighter when we do the things that make us happy
  5. We can share our joy more readily when we’re aware of it!

5 Things We Hate About: The Pursuit of Happiness

  1. All that introspection is hard work!
  2. Happiness is fun, but you’re also more aware of unhappiness, discord, or uneasiness.
  3. Taking care of ourselves can paradoxically make us feel guilty!
  4. Sometimes it feels like bad days are worse when good days are better
  5. AWareness makes us more aware of bad and good!

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