Love/Hate: Traveling

The only thing weighing down the adventure is getting there—and back!

Love/Hate is a series exploring the everyday duality of life.

Traveling—that romantic, lusty, adventurous affair. Traveling broadens minds and opens hearts, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the downsides to taking trips. 

5 Things We Love About: Traveling

  1. Adventure! New sights, sounds, smells; new people, places, customs; new agendas, schedules, routines.

  2. Reconnecting with family or friends.

  3. Trying new foods, restaurants, and cuisines.

  4. Breaking free of our daily routines—taking a break from “real” life.

  5. Pictures, souvenirs, and memories.

5 Things We Hate About: Traveling

  1. Getting there. Why must the majority of travel be so inefficient?

  2. Bittersweet goodbyes to family and friends, new and old.

  3. Montezuma’s Revenge, jet lag, and myriad other travel-related ailments (a consequence of … introducing foreign elements to the system)

  4. The nagging urge to check work email “just in case” or answer just one phone call …

  5. Layovers, traffic, and lots of strangers.

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