Mental Detox Plan for Happiness

Three steps to a fresh mind!

January can feel like the busiest month of the year: you’re getting back into the swing of things with work or school, resolutions are nipping at your conscience, and the month is 31 freakin’ days long. You need a mental detox! Take on these three tasks to press the reset button on your mind, resulting in a clearer head and more focus for the things that are important.

Mental Detox Task 1: Savor-Scrap

  1. Write down your three fave moments from 2012.
  2. Write down your three worst moments from 2012.
  3. Spend no more than two minutes reflecting on each moment, then tear up its piece of paper and throw it away. Scrap those negative memories!
  4. Return to your fave moments. Is there a way to recapture them: reach out to the friend who shared it with you, thank the person who gave you a meaningful gift, reward your employees as you were rewarded at work?

Mental Detox Task 2: Meditate

We know, it’s so trendy these days, you’re hesitant to start. But you’d be surprised at the peace of mind meditation will bring you, even if you feel like your brain won’t quit.

  1. Set aside ten minutes; set a timer.
  2. Sit somewhere quiet. Perhaps a park bench, or under a shady tree near your house. You can even do this in your office, in a corner sitting on a blanket, preferably near your office plant. 
  3. Use a meditation aid, or simply sit in silence for that whole ten minutes. You can pick a word to focus on—a mantra like peace, clarity, or flexibilty—or you can just let thoughts come and go. You want to see your thoughts like a river, flowing, without stopping to dwell on them.

Mental Detox Task 3: Play

Head to a playground and goof off, toss a frisbee for your pup or with your friends, organize a silly office game of tag. Whatever it is, research shows that playing as adults keeps us young, energized, and happy, so get to playing!

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