Moisture Surge for Dry Winter Skin

Keep your body happy by moisturizing!

Brrrr! As the thermometer drops, so does our natural moisture level. During colder seasons, the moisture levels in our skin take a beating. Replenishing our bodies with extra moisture and hydration is vital to our happiness from the oustide in—for fellas and ladies alike! Here’s how to hydrate like the pros.

Start from the inside: the number one tip for all skin types is to drink more water! This keeps your skin supple and hydrated. Increasing your water intake is important for a myriad of health reasons, but if that’s not motivation enough, think of your full, soft, hydrated skin!

Hands and feet dry out quickly, so taking extra care of them is key. Look for moisturizers that contain essential oils so they can really seep into the skin. You can also create extra moisture with socks and gloves at night: add a thick lotion to your hands and/or feet and put on the gloves and socks to lock in the moisture. Cotton or cotton-spandex blends work best for this. You’ll wake up with super soft hands and feet!

Your bod dries out more quickly than usual during the colder months, so maximize your shower time. After showering but before toweling off all the way, rub in a moisturizer—or even body butter for extra hydration. Try to wait a few minutes before getting dressed to allow the body butter time to absorb. 

During winter, try to keep showers or baths down to 5-10 minutes. Perhaps ironically, long, hot water exposure rapidly dries skin out and strips the skin of its natural oils. Use warm water instead of hot and keep the bathroom door shut to lock in humidity post-shower or -bath. 

Many people need to switch up their facial moisturizer with the seasons. If you feel like your face is starting to feel a bit more tight or flaky than usual, you should switch your moisturizer to something a little thicker, or add a few drops of jojoba or argan oil into your regular moisturizer. Look for aloe or rose if you have sensitive skin. You can also add a serum to your routine for an extra layer of moisture—use it before your regular moisturizer. Exfoliating at least once or twice a week to control flakes. 

All skin types should be sure to take extra care to replenish skin at night. Your skin does most of its repair and regeneration while you sleep, so adding a thick night cream to your skincare regimen will help your dehydrated cells!

Kick Start your Hydration:
Pictured is a peat and peat water therapeutic facial mud mask from Neydharting Moor skincare—the mud’s healing, balancing, and regenerating properties make your skin appear more plump. There are at-home options with similar properties, don’t be afraid to get your masque on!

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