Nail Polish is the Happiest Beauty Product

The color can brighten a day

I once had a boyfriend ask me, “tell me something I don’t know about you.”

People, this is a difficult question. Where do I take it? Tell him that I like having nothing but wine, chocolate, and a TV show for dinner sometimes? Tell him that I often pretend to be strong and capable, and I am, but I’d really rather he move my couch/fix my light/change my tires for me? Tell him that I will probably always love my dog more than him?

No. Instead, I said, “I only paint my nails when I’m really happy or really sad. When I’m happy I want to express it, and when I’m sad I want to cheer myself up.”

So when i read on that 15 local girls spent an evening painting the nails of the girls and women who live at the St. Joseph Home, because nail polish topped the wish list of the residents during the holidays, I obviously related. 

According to, development director Renee Russell explains that the girls and women at the home don’t have much mobility, so looking at their bright-colored fingernails brings them happiness.

And nail polish appears to be bringing happiness to women across the country, as WWD reports that total nail sales (color and top/base coats) were up an astonishing 59 percent for the first 10 months of 2011. All other color categories were only up 10 percent. 

Weigh in … does painting your nails bring you happiness?

Fellas, my brother once got a pedicure. He painted one toe neon green. And had not one but two girls hit on him. So you can weigh in too if you like.

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