Never Get Sunburned Again With This Cool Device

Violet is a New Sun Exposure Monitor—Wearable Tech

We definitely need sunshine for happiness (click here for Happy Brains with Vitamin D). But we’ve struggled to find realistic guidelines for how much Vitamin D-producing sun is too much. Enter Violet, a wearable tech device that measures accumulated ultraviolet (UV) dosage and sun-generated vitamin D. You clip the device onto your clothing and it will send real-time data to your mobile device. 

The $129 device provides objective guidance to optimize your sun exposure—you get to enjoy the sun without fear of long-term damage! You set your skin tone information on the app on your phone by using a FitzpatrickSkin Test or picking a description that fits you best. Then you can set your SPF on either the app or on Violet itself. Once you’re wearing the device, Violet will vibrate or send a message to your phone to let you know when your accumulated UV dosage is close to the safe limit.

It’s still in Kickstarter funding, but this cool idea is definitely worth following!

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