Office Chic to Glam—in the AM!

What can you do in the morning to prep for your night out after work?

How can you get happy with your after-work look? By keeping it simple to start out the day! After working long hours this time of year and the added social pressure of parties, happy hours, and networking events, glamming up is the last thing on your mind. With some easy morning tricks, you can prep for your night out eight hours before it happens! We don’t promise you’ll look like you’ve been at the spa all day, but you will look fresh and ready for any event.

Women, Hair:

One of the top styles every season is a sleek top knot or bun. Quickly and easily executed in the morning—a light-hold ponytail softly twisted around itself—the best thing about buns is that once work is over, just release your hair for soft, evening-ready waves. Dab shine serum on the ends to tame any frizz.

You can also update the professional daytime pony with a little shine serum on the top and the ends for a sleek ponytail. 

Men, Hair:

Less is more: use a little product in your hair as possible, that way you can add some at the end of the day to re-up your style without turning into a greaseball. This holds true if you don’t generally style your hair for work too—simply add gel or mousse, style, and hit the town!

Women, Makeup:

Start your morning with the lowest-maintenance makeup routine you can stand: think under-eye concealer, a little powder to even out your complexion, a neutral eyeshadow, mascara, and a your-lips-but-better lipstick. This will make your look much easier to update for evening: add dark eyeliner, dark brown eyeshadow, another coat of mascara, and a notice-me lipstick. Dust with powder again to mattify your skin and you’re out the office door.

Men & Women, Clothes:

In your work bag, throw in a little something extra for the evening. Most articles recommend you take off a piece of clothing: your coat or tie, your blazer or cardigan. We say that definitely works, but can we also suggest adding a piece? Fellas, how about a funky belt? Ladies, a sparkly cardi or statement necklace instantly updates your look.

A few morning tweaks to your routine will keep you looking good at work and makes for an easy transition into anywhere your evening may take you!

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