One Day Body Detox

Give us one day to give you a fresh, happy perspective!

To feel at peace, or happy, sometimes all we need is a clean slate. It starts with your body: when your body is healthy, you are mentally and emotionally healthier. Here’s our Rx for a 1-day body detox, do it on a day you’re off from work so you can relax and not worry about other stressors.

9am: Wake up without an alarm clock.
1. Immediately drink a My Fit Cocktail or simply 1 liter of water with lemon.
2. If you’re hungry, eat a light breakfast. Two eggs, a green smoothie, or yogurt. If you’re not hungry, no need to eat.
2.5. Read the newspaper, preferably in print.

10am: Do morning yoga. Here’s a full, free 60-minute video detox flow, full of hip openers and twists: Digest and Melt Away Stress; or go to a class.

11am: Shower, pamper yourself, relax, read more. Sing. Meditate. Whatever.

Lunchtime: Eat a GIANT salad. Put any number of veggies in it. A few dried berries with no sugar added if you like. Parmesan if you tolerate it. Dress it with a special oil (like avocado or walnut), a squeeze of lime, and salt. Eat on a porch, or in view of the outdoors.

Afternoon: Get outside. Walk. Sit. Hike. Wander. Call friends and be outside together. Whatever.

Late afternoon: Hit a high intensity workout lasting under 20 minutes but leaving you exhausted. Think CrossFit or sprint intervals.

Hungry? Have a clean protein shake, or two eggs. No meat, no sugary Muscle Milk faux protein shake. Not hungry? DON’T EAT.

Later afternoon: Take a hot bath with epsom salts to draw out toxins and impurities, and help you be less sore. No bath? Hit a hot tub, but make sure you rinse off the chlorine immediately afterward, even if you’re not showering until later.

Dinner: Another GIANT salad. Oh, you don’t want another salad? Tough. You’re detoxing. Eat greens.

1. Congrats, you earned some hot tea. Bonus points for detox tea.
2. Foam roll or body roll. Seriously. Get on the floor right now.
3. Watch a fave TV show or continue reading the book or magazine you started this morning. NO COMPUTER!

10pm bedtime. 10pm. No later. No kidding. Even if you don’t think you are sleepy, get in bed (you can drink more hot tea, perhaps of the Sleepytime Vanilla variety). You are getting 8-10 hours of sleep tonight.

Easy, right? Tomorrow, you wake up feeling like a million bucks! Or at least like you’ve got a fresh start, a new perspective, and are re-energized. 

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