One of the Easiest Ways to Relieve Stress and Improve Your Daily Life That I’ve Ever Encountered

You Might Be Shocked at the Depth of Positive Results

A simple and effective way to relieve stress: Take five deep breaths.

This is one of the most powerful practices I have ever been taught. It is so simple that I am embarrassed to admit that I had to “be taught” it.

Yet you will be amazed at the results, especially if you can do it three times a day.

You will find that you:

  • Resolve disagreements more easily
  • Improve your focus
  • Hold less tension in your muscles
  • Smile more frequently
  • Let go of little upsets
  • Get your emotions, instead letting them get you
  • Sleep better
  • Find creative solutions popping up
  • Feel more rested
  • Decrease the intensity of stress


The hardest part is to remember doing it. Sometime during the day—it could while responding to an email, it could be while listening to a friend—you simple make a pointed effort to breath deeply, five times in a row.

If it helps, count to five on the inhale, and five on the exhale. The whole thing will take less than one minute, but it is likely to change your entire perspective.

If you have a spiritual practice, you might consider this an opportunity to witness your thoughts, to connect with God or the Holy Spirit, or to see the divine nature in the people around you. This is not necessary to benefit from the practice, but it does increase the results.

Give it a shot—you can even try it right now—and let us know how it goes for you.

Image: Some rights reserved by kelly cree

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