One Small Daily Action For a Happy Love Life

Sometimes the smallest things that make the biggest difference

I caught a simple and obvious piece of relationship advice yesterday—try to do one small thing each day that will bring joy to your partner.

Of course this is the idea behind DailyHap; it is useful to apply it to others as well.

For example, greet your partner with a kiss and a smile. Look for small surprises. Send an unwarranted text. Bring them a cookie or an apple. Acknowledge something they’ve done for you. Compliment them or highlight an accomplishment. Make the bed. Do their dishes. Ask an unexpected question with genuine curiosity.

Three key ideas:

1) What do they like? (versus what you like)

2) Thoughtfulness is worth more than cash—a note left on the car can be worth as much as a bouquet of flowers.

3) Keep it small. Of course you can and should go for big things—like scheduling a date, traveling together, buying gifts, bringing them breakfast in bed, making big sacrifices—but it’s hard (and unnecessary) to dream up and do a big thing every day.

Of course you won’t always get it right. But also take some chances—sometimes the little things that give us joy surprise even us.

And if you don’t have a romantic partner, take today’s hap and apply it to something else.

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