Musings on the the ephemeral nature of life

by Lyssa Myska Allen

He helps protect me from myself.
He’s a placeholder, someone I know I won’t always be with, but his existence keeps me from feeling needy, unloved, unwanted.
I am independent, I am strong, but I am alone.

Teaching helps protect me from myself.
This job is a placeholder, something I know won’t last forever, but it keeps me on a schedule, and part of a bigger community.
I am disciplined, I am consistent, but I am flaky.

This town helps protect me from myself.
She’s a placeholder, a town I will leave someday, but her existence keeps me from getting stuck, as part of a grand adventure.
I am local, I am at home, but I am a Texan.

Things get out of balance when he lingers, when we stay in the job too long, when our time to move on has come and we don’t. But while we’re holding a place, life is in balance. We simply need to recognize when it’s time to give up the placeholder for a new one.

Image: Some rights reserved by minds-eye

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