Prune Your Tree Body

Imagine you’re a tree and find out what’s stealing your nutrients

Inspired by a story from blogger Strong is the New Skinny, let’s talk about pruning trees.

What? As a young girl, I occasionally worked with my grandpa on the tree farm. We’d inspect all the trees, and we mostly went around cutting off the low, downward-growing branches. (My favorite tree was a crooked one we duct-taped back together, but I digress.) We cut the low branches because they didn’t help the tree grow and took vital nutrients away from the healthy branches. 

In her blog post, Marsha talks about cutting some negative branches out of her life. Friends who don’t support healthy eating habits, toxic co-workers, whoever.

Think about yourself as a tall, strong, healthy tree soaking up the sun. Do you have any low-hanging limbs that need pruning? Any people, commitments, organizations in your life that are taking vital nutrients away from the things you  enjoy?

Image: Attribution Some rights reserved by John-Morgan

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