Scooter Style: Why Alt Transportation is the Future

Stylish commuting alternatives are cropping up

In what is quite possibly one of the most famous scooter scenes in cinematic history, Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday (1952) rides haphazardly through Rome with Gregory Peck, ending up at the police station. Scooters have long been associated with freedom and empowerment, but as gas prices rise across the globe, they’re an increasingly popular choice for practical commuting.

In India, scooter sales have gone up 20 percent since December alone. Young, independent people, women in particular, are taking advantage of the cheap, go-anywhere capabilities of scooters. In places where public transporation isn’t as accessible, scooters can be a good option between walking or biking and driving a car. They can also eliminate the awkwardness of arriving somewhere sweaty!

As cities get more crowded and fuel costs continue to rise, having options for transportation is an important part of a happy lifestyle. Try a new one today—just to mix it up—and see how changing up your transportation changes up your day’s perspective! 

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