Seasons of Change: 3 Steps to Clarity

Learn how feelings of joy can pierce mental and emotional stagnation

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It’s not uncommon for us to reach certain points in our lives when we feel stuck, stagnant, and confused about what direction to take in life. We know we are at a crossroads and it is time to make some decisions. The problem is that we don’t feel like we have the clarity to make the “right” choice.

When the waters of our perspective are muddy and we have lost trust in our ability to navigate our lives, we have to create a starting point. We have to open the channels back up so that we can hear and sense our inner guidance.

The following three steps are simply a way we can generate some positive, energetic momentum. They can assist us in placing our mental and emotional bodies in the posture of receiving clear insight as to what our next step is according to our sacred path.

1. Do Something That Brings You Joy

The inner feelings of joy consume all feelings of indecisive. Joy is a spectacular catalyst in bringing forth clarity. It also has a lovely way of remedying fatigue and apathy without harmful side effects. It is a present moment feeling that can really support us in getting us out of our funk in a positive way.

Feeling stagnant and confused are clear indicators that we have disconnected from ourselves and have stopped listening to our hearts. We feel those negative feelings when we have turned our focus to the outer world and become heavily invested in living up to its standards.

So we must turn our attention inward and allow ourselves to do or participate in an activity that brings us joy.

2. Let Go of Money and Perfection

We have two major excuses as to why we will not reach for that which brings us joy: one, it won’t make us any money; and two, we won’t be perfect at it.

If we find ourselves saying “I don’t even know what will bring me joy”, chances are money and perfection are the culprits. If we put both of those fears to the side, what brings us joy will naturally come into our conscious mind.

I think most of us do know what brings us joy. But it is held back because of our perceived lack of money and the ability of doing it perfectly.

If money and insecurity, for the most part, are not our stumbling blocks, we can go back to our childhood and remember what brought us joy. Usually what we enjoyed as children is what we still enjoy today.

3. Have Patience

The bottom line is, we have to exercise patience when we are seeking clear insight into our lives. Sometimes it requires a little work on our part. Often times, we won’t even allow ourselves to have a day or even an hour to pursue what would bring us joy because we are too concerned with our “to do” list.

To do lists are important. But just like anything else, they can become a delay tactic orchestrated by our ego to keep us swirled up in negative feelings and thoughts.

Joy changes the way we feel. And when we change the way we feel, we change the way we think. The quality of our inner feelings and thoughts provide the necessary energy for bringing forth clear insight and direction. Take time today to be in the energy of Joy!

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