Seasons of Change: The Truth About Intuition

Find out what intuition is and how you can develop yours

Seasons of Change is a biweekly column from Jayne Clark addressing different topics each season. Summer’s focus is spirituality and intuition. Jayne Clark works intuitively with clients to help them resolve issues regarding relationships, loss, grief, health, and career path. To learn more, head to

In years past, intuition or being psychic has been lumped into the same category as sorcery, spell casting, and witchcraft. In many religions it was discouraged because it was deemed to be communication with the devil and the forces of evil.

However, along with the many other sensitive issues we have dealt with as a society, I see us embracing a much more sophisticated perspective. We are becoming more and more comfortable and open to the idea of being psychic or intuitive.

Intuition is an ability to receive insight and perspective from a place within us that bypasses all logical or rational thinking. When we have an intuitive “hit”, we will feel a sensation in our bodies without any analytical reasoning. It is the bridge that brings forth spiritual insight, perspective, and understanding to our everyday, physical lives.

Some of my most powerful intuitive hits have come from starring out the window—aka daydreams. And they usually come in the form of ideas or solutions to whatever issue I may be dealing with. Those hits are what I call my “ah ha” moments. I can’t manufacture or force their arrival into my conscious mind. They simply come from a place within me that is accessed when my rational mind is quiet.

Why Intuition?

Getting an education and life experience is crucial to our development and success in the world. Part of our physical experience is to help us master some of these worldly challenges. Yet, we leave out a big part of who we are when we solely depend on our rational, linear mind.  

We put the smartest part of us in charge when we seek the counsel of our inner guidance/intuition. It’s the part of us that knows exactly the path to achievement, shines a spotlight on what our next step is, and faithfully assists us in the unfolding process of our hearts desires. 

How To Develop Intuition

It’s actually a pretty simple process.  The first step is to acknowledge our intuition and that we can access it. If we feel doubtful, then we can simply start with being willing to acknowledge that it is there. It isn’t just for gifted or special people. We must turn off that inner critic and open to the idea that our intuition is just as much a part of our makeup as are the physical mental aspects. 

The second step is to learn as much as we can about intuition. There is a lot of information available to us today that we didn’t always have. Visit any book store and we will find sections dedicated to serving our development. The internet is also a good source of information. Our channels of intuition open much easier when we immerse ourselves in the subject matter.

The third step is to practice it. Tell someone in your life that you feel comfortable with that you are working on developing your intuition. Ask them if they would want to practice with you while you are developing. You can also keep a journal of your perceived hits. When you feel like you have received an intuitive thought or idea, write it down. 

If you are really serious and feel called to use your intuition to serve others in a positive and healing way, seek out a trusted mentor—someone who is already serving in that capacity and has a clear understanding of ethics, professionalism, and how to use intuition in a way that is only for the best and highest good of potential clients.

The more you open, practice, and learn about your intuition, the faster you will develop it. Even just thinking about your intuition develops it.  

Keep In Mind the Following:

At first you will you will find yourself accurate on some hits and inaccurate on other perceived hits. You will have to learn the difference between an authentic hit and when your ego is getting in the way. So make sure you practice patience. 

Developing your intuition is just like training a puppy. You will have “accidents” and you will make mistakes. But in the words of my trusted mentor: “being off is just as important to notice as when you are correct. There is something to learn in all of it.” Make sure you give yourself the permission to be free with anything that comes through.

The last thing to keep in mind is to have fun. In the beginning, try not to take yourself so seriously or put a lot of emphasis on being right. Allow for a very organic process to take place. Be playful and lighthearted with it. And just remember, the more you trust in the process, the more the process trusts in you and you will develop a very keen and accurate intuition.

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