Seeing All the Signs: Developing Your Intuition – Part 4

How to notice what the universe is telling you

by Jayne Clark, who works intuitively with clients to help them resolve issues regarding relationships, loss, grief, health, and career path. To learn more, head to

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I have a question for you: If we took away all media, social media, telecommunications, and drama in our lives, what would we be left with? What would life look like if we never had to sit through another traffic jam, deal with dogs that shed, or figure out what to fix for dinner?

For some folks that may sound like heaven. For others it may seem really scary.

All I’m talking about are the distractions in our lives. If we were to remove them or mentally “unplug” from them for an extended amount of time, we would probably, at first, experience a lot of mindless chatter and unresolved issues.

Yet, after some time of detoxing from these distractions, we would move in to a more connected space within ourselves.

In that connected space, we would absolutely know ourselves as intuitive. Then it becomes quite clear that we are connected to all things with the ability to access infinite wisdom, knowledge, and insight for ourselves and the greater good of all.

It is simply a matter of focusing our attention towards developing that ability. Another way to sharpen our intuitive skills is to pay close attention to what shows up in our everyday lives.

Here is an example:

For months and months I would see “333”. It would show up on the clock as 3:33 pm. I would see it on license plates. Other times I would see it in telephone numbers written on highway billboards. So I googled “numerology consecutive 3”. And boy, I will tell you, what I read was exactly what I needed to hear and mirrored exactly what I was moving through at the time.

You may have had a similar experience.

Certain animals, places, numbers, songs on the radio, reoccurring dreams etc. may continue to reveal themselves to you. When that happens, it’s our job is to research it’s spiritual meaning or significance and journal about it.

Journaling expands our consciousness and connects us more deeply to our own inner insight. When we are in that expansion, what we have learned becomes integrated and more anchored in to our third dimensional reality.

Our consciousness becomes more enlightened and we now can perceive and manifest our reality from a position of wholeness versus separation.

The signs we receive in our outer world are only the entry point to take us deeper in to our inner world.

If you consistently are seeing number patterns, certain animals or reptiles, or you feel drawn to specific places on the planet, research them and find out what their spiritual meaning is. Then journal about what it specifically means for you.

Developing our intuition is an ongoing process. The more we practice and play with it, the more we understand it. And the more we understand how it works for us personally, the more we will use it and trust in its wisdom!

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