Reveal yourself by putting pen to paper

Quick! Grab a pen, pencil, sharpie, crayola, whatever writing utensil, and something to draw on … and draw a self-portrait of yourself. 

… we’ll wait.

… seriously, do it. Take five seconds. I drew the figure above in roughly ten seconds. My mom calls those ballerina girls.

Once your self-portrait is finished, look at it without any judgment. What do you see? Notice what’s there, and what isn’t there. Observe the person on the paper.

For example, in the drawing above there’s a girl with a huge smile and a really high ponytail with lots of movement, her arms spread abover her head, suggesting she’s happy and excited about something. At the same time, the lines on her body below the shoulders are darker, suggesting that they were drawn slower. This could suggest that she’s less comfortable with her body or that she’s self-conscious about it. She doesn’t draw curves—doesn’t mean her actual body doesn’t have curves, just means she doesn’t really see them.

Play with different ideas of what your picture could be telling you. You could learn something new about yourself!

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