Serving and Eating Vegetables Makes You a Hero

Their hedonic and heroic impact on perceptions of the meal and of the preparer

We’ve covered convincing kids to eat veggies like a superhero, but new research reveals that serving and eating vegetables actually make you seem like a hero in the eyes of others! In the you-can’t-make-this-up file, a new Cornell University study, published in Public Health Nutrition, found that by simply serving vegetables with dinner, the main course tastes better and the preparer is perceived to be more thoughtful and attentive.

“If parents knew that adding vegetables to the plate could make what they prepare for dinner seem more appealing, or could increase their own “heroic” appeal, then maybe they’d be more inspired to serve vegetables,” says study lead author Brian Wansink, PhD, the John Dyson Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behavior at Cornell University. Vegetables are served at only 23% of American meals.

Study results suggest that vegetables can play a powerful role in increasing the overall enjoyment of the meal. The addition of vegetables makes a meal seem more “complete,” “loving,” “tasty,” and prepared with more effort or thought. Respondents also rated the vegetable preparing mothers as more loving and thoughtful and less boring or selfish.

Just another reason to serve and eat your veggies, you superhero, you!

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