Sometimes, You Just Gotta Get Your Nails Done

And other ways to make a quick decision and stick with it

When you need to make a quick decision about something you “want” to do versus something you “should” do, there are three steps to take:

1. Quickly identify the outcomes. If you do the Want, how much do you gain? How much do you lose? If you do the Should, how much do you gain? How much do you lose?

2. Check your gut. Do you have a strong reaction (positive or negative) to doing the Want or the Should? Follow it.

3. Decide and move on. Put a plan in place to take care of the option you didn’t choose at a better time.

Now, for a quick example:

My co-founder was in town on Friday, and while we spent some time working on, later in the afternoon she was ready for a relaxing mani/pedi. I Wanted to go with her; I Should stay the course working.

Put in action, our three step plan:

1. If I get my nails done, I get the pampering, relaxation, and satisfaction of spending time with my co-founder, but there is still work to do on DailyHap. If I work on DailyHap, I lose the chance to spend time with someone who doesn’t live here.

2. No strong reaction.

3. Let’s go get our nails done! I will set aside time on Sunday to catch up on the work missed.

It’s as easy as … well, 1-2-3.

Pictured: me, getting my nails done!

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