Sports Fans are Happiest

In the greatest news since the end of the lockout(s)…

Females are happier than males, says new research that also reveals a surprising common thread in happiness. Temkin Group analyzed responses from 10,000 U.S. consumers and examined the demographics of happiness, which revealed:

  • 74.4% of U.S. consumers agree that they are typically happy
  • Females are happier than males
  • African-Americans are the most happy and Caucasians are the least
  • People who live in the South are the most happy and those who live in the Northeast are the least
  • Happiness increases with annual income, up to about $100,000
  • Consumers older than 65 are the most happy and those between 45 and 54 are the least happy
  • Consumers who enjoy sports are much happier than those who don’’t

But perhaps one of the most interesting findings is that female sports enthusiasts are the happiest. The largest female-male happiness gap occurs with consumers who don’’t enjoy sports. Females who enjoy golf are the happiest consumers. The happiest males are those who enjoy golf, soccer, or tennis.

There’s no evidence of correlation, but it’s an interesting group of data nonetheless. We’re not suggesting you feign an interest in sports, but it might be worth turning on the latest game, especially during March Madness, to see what the happiness buzz is all about!

Image: Some rights reserved by Paul L Dineen

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