The 7 Habits of Stylish People

How to look stylish on any budget

Inspired by this list at StyleCaster: The 7 Habits of Highly Stylish People

Being stylish is an art—it’s also an instant confidence booster, and conveys a lot about your personality. To help you define your style and refine your stylish-ness, we reworked the 7 Habits of High Stylish people for men and women. Read on.

1. Stylish people dress in a timeless manner.

“They aren’t especially trendy.” While aware of the trends, stylish people first and foremost consider their own preferences, what flatters their bodies, and what they know works on them, trends be damned.

2. Stylish people dress for themselves.

An extension of number 1, “They don’t dress to be considered stylish.” Sometimes that comes across as trying too hard, and stylish people never look like they are trying to hard. Which leads us to…

3. Stylish people are comfortable.

“They always look a little less ‘done’ than everyone else.” Unexpected clothing combinations, a relaxed vibe, and the confidence to pull off anything make outfits seem less prim and proper and more comfortable.

4. Stylish people find coolness in clothes, not labels.

“They understand labels don’t make them cooler.” Designer clothes are beautiful, but stylish people understand that you don’t have to be a slave to labels to look cool. Which leads us to …

5. Stylish people can find gems anywhere.

“They aren’t afraid of any store—and can find something almost anywhere.” Street fair, garage sale, teeny-bopper mall store—all hold potential options for the stylish man or woman who knows his or her taste.

6. Stylish people get inspired but not defined.

“They don’t surf street style blogs and copy exactly what they see, label for label.” Stylish people take the time to put together outfits inspired by mannequins, models, look-books, and more, but in a way that works for them.

7. Stylish people are confident.

“They know how to style themselves according to their own taste.” The trademark of a stylish person is grace and ease in their clothing. Nothing else really matters.

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