The Cloud is Love

Technology, risk, peace, and happiness

There is no greater power than love.

And it is hard to live life without a computer. 
Think these two thoughts aren’t related? 
Computers are the way of life today. Everything is in the cloud. Everything has always been in the cloud, but we used to put it on paper thinking that we kept it safe that way. 
Things may not be safe in the cloud, but it was only an illusion that they were safe before either.
Everything has a risk. 
Love is the way of life today; everything is in love. Everything has always been in love, but we sometimes try not to love thinking that we keep ourselves safe that way.
Things may not be safe in Love; but everything has a risk. 
To love, we risk much, but it’s not that much, really, just our ego, sense of identity, beliefs, rules, limits. That’s all. 
Love has no rules, no limits, no beliefs, no identity. 
Love is in the cloud; love is the cloud. 
Everywhere, accessible from any device. We put our faith there, and we take the risk. Things may not be safe in the cloud, but they never were anyway.

Image: some rights reserved by jinhan

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