The Life of Valentine

Discovering what living a Valentine’s lifestyle would look like

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Hearts! Boxes of chocolate! And the celebration of love! What a great combination for that one special day of the year– Valentine’s Day! Indeed it is a wonderful acknowledgment of the love in our lives and those whom we share it with.    

Now I must admit I haven’t always felt this way.  

In years past, I have perceived Valentine’s Day to be hokey, fake, and insincere. I felt this way because I never understood why we needed a day to celebrate love. Wasn’t that a given? To me, Valentine’s Day was just another opportunity to perceive love as more special with some people and less special with others.   

But as I sit with it and really take in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, it is clear to me that it really is a wonderful reminder to celebrate and express openly the love we share with others. The only issue I now take with this holiday is that after it is over, we “fall back asleep” and get lazy in our commitment to demonstrate love and kindness.    

I wonder what would happen if we redefined Valentine’s Day as no longer a holiday but rather a way of life? What if there was a lifestyle called the Valentine’s life style? We could throw it in there with the hippie lifestyle, gay and lesbian lifestyle, the rock-n-roll lifestyle. It could just be another lifestyle by which people lived.  

What would a Valentine’s lifestyle look like?

Every moment we would have the full experience of love. We would love so much that we would not feel pain, worry or fear. I even suspect that all we would see in each other would be love and the innocence of their nature.

The Valentine’s lifestyle would show us the one true love within ourselves. We would see our own twin flame and realize that the greatest love affair is going on between our own divine feminine and divine masculine.

Never again would we wonder where we belong and to whom. We would know ourselves as being home, whole, and free to express without limitation or worry of outer world judgment.  

Oh how we would laugh!!!! We would throw our heads back and laugh from our bellies!! Tears of joy and bliss would roll down our smiling faces.   

We would compassionately hold our own hearts and intuitively know how to hold the hearts of others. We would take great care in the treatment of ourselves, animals, mother earth and each other.   

The way in which we go about living our lives is nothing more than a choice we have made. How incredible it would be if we chose love over being right, fear, and insecurity.   

I feel the Valentine’s lifestyle patiently awaits our pursuit. The invitation is open to all. What is required is an open heart and the courage to live and love so boldly.

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