The Only Way to Answer “How Are You?”

For happiness and for the sake of the interaction, use this.

We’ve all been asked, “How are you?”, only to have the asker not even listen to the answer. It’s considered by some as a greeting, not a real question. But we loved a recent article—on interviewing for a job, but we think it has applications far outside of that scope—on the best ways to respond to the question. Click here for the full article.

Our favorite answer:

5. “Perfect.”

My personal favorite. For years I’ve been answering the question, “So, Scott, how are you?” with this word. People notice it. People remember it. People ask follow-up questions about it. Because they’re curious. Works every time. Not to mention, the word perfect comes from the Latin perfectus, which means, “complete.” Which means it’s always the truth. Because all of us are always complete. Don’t forget that.

If you can’t quite pull off ‘Perfect,’ brainstorm a 5-8 words that might work for you. For us, it might be ‘Happy,’ which could open the door to conversation about DailyHap very organically. Try a few words and expressions over the course of week and see what fits. There’s no loss—especially if no one was listening to your answer anyway!

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