The Real Throwback Thursday

You already know all that you need to know

We LOVE this recent blog post from DailyHap contributor Robyn Whyte–here’s an excerpt:

Throw Back Thursday 

Oh lordy lordy. Cleaning out my closet, opened a box, opened a spiral notebook and read this.  I wrote this in January, 1994. Glad I found it–saves me the time it would take to write it today. My comments today are in bold.

“It seems I am plagued by deep seated self-doubt. Constantly asking what am I doing wrong. I see this morning what a useless question that is once one has accepted and invited the reality of God into one’s conscious awareness.” This makes it obvious that some revelations can be easily forgotten.

“It is the difference between the agony of proclaiming I can’t find the way–I’m lost–and the assurance of no matter the circumstance avowing that I can not be lost because once I have been found I am found forever.”  How in God’s name could I have been wiser 20 years ago than I am today?!

We’re with you, Robyn! If you give yourself the credit, you’re usually wiser than you think you are. Has anyone else experienced this kind of Throwback Thursday wisdom?
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