The Tiny House Life List

Living in 84 square feet has a lot to teach us about what we value

Dee Williams built her 84-square-foot house and has lived in it for a decade. Everything she owns not only fits in that house, but on the list shown above. A single piece of paper.

Try making a similar list: a list of everything you own. Maybe you have to start small, like with your closet, or your kitchen, or what’s in your car. Williams says, “I have nowhere to put anything, so I really have to examine everything I buy to determine where it’s going to go; am I going to use it? Can I borrow it instead? A whole new relationship to stuff has been forced on me.”

From this article and The Big Tiny: A Built-It-Myself Memoir, by Dee Williams, is available beginning April 22, 2014, from Penguin Group imprint Blue Rider Press.

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