To-Don’t List

Let’s just call it what it is, yeah? In a world of endless To-Do Lists, we all need to take a second to make To-Don’t Lists.

On mine?

To Don’t:

  • Pressure myself to do anything I don’t actually want to do.
  • This includes going on bumble dates.
  • Bake/cook/prep for parties. There are stores for that shit.
  • “Go shopping for gifts”. There’s Amazon for that.
  • Work out more than once a day. (I know, not everyone has this problem)
  • Mindlessly scroll social media instead of looking up on a walk, even if it’s just to the parking garage

What’s on your To-Don’t List? Comment below or write your own and don’t share, but let’s all kick some bad items out of our lives.

Inspiration: Stop-Doing List

Wish they actually had a To Don’t List (CRAP kinda works though).

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