Today’s Tip for Happiness: Follow Your Own Advice

Apply your own wisdom

by Jordan Myska Allen, a lover of life and entrepreneur. He acts as a psychological, spiritual, and professional consultant and practices applied integral thinking.

Chances are there are places in your life that you’re not applying your own wisdom. They say the best coaches aren’t always the best players—maybe it’s because they’re not focused on coaching themselves.

Have friends that come to you for advice in relationships? Work? Health? Many times people come to us because they see us as someone who has a lot the stuff figured out. We have a lot experience in a certain area, or display a certain mastery. In these areas especially, we’re apt to be blind to the places we could use our advice most.

It may not be obvious at first how your own advice applies to your life, but it always does. It may be in different domains—that the advice you give a buddy for his relationship is the exact advice you need for work.

There is a common spiritual and psychological principle that says the world’s a mirror, reflecting back to us what we believe to be true about ourselves. So if you see something someone else can improve, you very well might benefit from seeing that situation as a reflection of your own.

What does that mean for me, writing these daily hap articles? I have to take my own advice about taking my own advice… oh no, this is getting extremely recursive…

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