Top 10 Meditation Mistakes

You know it’s important to meditate, but are you guilty of one of these?

by Adam B. Leonard, Director of Brain Acoustics Institute, which helps you get happy by meditating and is profiled here.

You now know how important it is to meditate. Many people before you—who have completed the entire Brain Acoustics Journey from Depth #1 to Depth #12—have made several mistakes along the way. Here are the Top 10 Most Common Meditation Mistakes…

1) Judge your experience. (Instead, just be curious and accept whatever happens exactly as it is. Everyone’s experience is different. Simply allow whatever happens to be okay without judgments. As you progress along your journey, your experiences will change and transform.)

2) Think that you’re doing it wrong. (You can’t do it wrong. Listen to Brain Acoustics while you practice the active technique and simply be with whatever experience arises without judging it “right” or “wrong.”)

3) Equate falling asleep with failure. (Most beginners fall asleep when starting their meditation practice. It’s okay. It’s normal. Just keep practicing.)  

4) Stop practicing just because you missed a couple days. (Sometimes life gets in the way of practice. That’s okay and expected. If you miss a day or more, then just pick up your practice right where you left off.)

5) Resist state changes. (The technology will take you to a deep meditation state, but only if you allow it. Let go of all resistance and fear and allow yourself to open fully into your experience. Don’t block the natural state changes wanting to happen.)

6) Ignore the active techniques. (Each Depth comes with a unique active meditation technique. The combination of “technique + technology” makes the Brain Acoustics Journey the most effective meditation program out there. Although some of the active techniques may seem hard at first, they will become much easier with practice.)

7) Let mental chatter frustrate you. (Every meditation beginner has a busy mind. Your mind will distract you often with thoughts. This is a normal part of the process. Just notice when you’re distracted by mental chatter and bring your focus back to the active technique. Do this again and again and again.)

8) Lose patience and giving up too soon. (Beginning a new meditation practice can be challenging. Brain Acoustics makes it much, much easier, but it still takes courage and persistence. Don’t give up when things get hard! Keep at it. The more you practice, the easier and more natural it will become.)

9) Get stuck and stop progressing. (Each successive Depth contains more powerful sound technology along with a more sophisticated active technique. The Brain Acoustics Journey was designed to be completed in 12 months: 12 Depths that take one month each to complete. Though you may use any Depth longer than one month, be careful not to get stuck too long on any one Depth. Growth and progression requires moving on to deeper and deeper areas of the program.)

10) Limit your practice. (Your formal practice only takes up 10 minutes—a tiny sliver of your day. Yet the benefits will positively influence your entire day. Stressful situations will affect you much less. Over the course of the program, you will develop the ability to enter calm, expansive meditation states at will. So expand your definition of practice to your entire life—24/7.)  

“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.”
– Bruce Lee

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