Txt 4 Happiness

Demonstrated mood-boosting benefits from sending and receiving texts

Txting may b the death of grammar, but new research shows that both sending and receiving text messages can improve your mood if you are feeling stressed or lonely.

Psychologists at the University of California , Berkeley, found people suffering from depression report feeling more connected and cared for when they receive text messages from friends and family. It seems that sending the supportive texts can also boost mood.

Additionally, groups traditionally underserved by professional psychological attention can benefit tremendously from texting. A recent survey of adult mobile phone users surveyed showed that the most active senders and receivers of text messages were on low incomes and did not complete secondary school. The responders could not afford smartphones, but most had a basic cellular phone and a prepaid monthly plan.

We h8 2 admit it, but it looks like texting is here to stay—and with benefits!

Image: Some rights reserved by Cristiano Betta

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