Worrywarts, You Need to Go to Bed Earlier (and the rest of you, too)

Don’t worry, be happy, go to bed early

Your sleep timing greatly affects your thinking patterns, with late evenings linked to repetitive negative thoughts. Repetitive negative thinking is defined as bothersome pessimistic thoughts that seem to repeat in a person’s mind without the person feeling as though he or she has much control over these contemplations. These thoughts could include excessive worry about the future, delving too much in the past, and experiencing annoying intrusive thoughts. 

New research from the Binghamton Anxiety Clinic found that people who sleep for shorter periods of time and go to bed very late at night are often overwhelmed with more negative thoughts than those who keep more regular sleeping hours.

“Making sure that sleep is obtained during the right time of day may be an inexpensive and easily disseminable intervention for individuals who are bothered by intrusive thoughts,” says lead author Nota.

A super easy way to get happier, thinking more positive thoughts? We’ll take it. 

Start by gradually going to bed earlier, and institute a bedtime routine if you don’t already have one. The first night, week, or month, you may have to read a book or do some other relaxing activity to get you in the habit of going to bed earlier, but once you do, you will be happier!

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