Your Friend is The Best!

Love the ones you’re with!

by Lyssa Myska Allen, co-founder of DailyHap who writes a Feel Good Friday gratitude list every single Friday!

I recently stumbled upon a letter written by one of my college roommates on why I am THE Best. It’s hilarious, and pasted below for your enjoyment (not my ego!). More than giving me a hearty laugh, though, it reminded me (again!) how lucky I am to have had great friends throughout my life. They’ve come and gone, stayed true or faded and come back, and all shades in between. But the reality is that without these friends, I wouldn’t be who I am today, and I wouldn’t be able to take the risks I take in business and my personal life without the support of some incredible friends.

SO. I encourage you to read and laugh at the below letter, then go write one to a friend—or two! It can be short, it can be silly, it can be serious, but show your friends some love today.

Lyssa Myska Allen is pretty much the best. Really? Could this be? Why, yes. Yes, it could. She is the best at many things of which you will no doubt be very jealous. First of all, Lyssa is the best at having the most number of crushes. They change from week to week and it may be hard to keep up, but you can be sure that the crush is a tall and strong jock and usually not quite as smart as her. Think Nathan, from “One Tree Hill,” he is one of her favorites. Every Tuesday night Lyssa can be found in front of the TV eating popcorn and drooling over Nathan. But be sure to never mention DAN SCOTT. She hates DAN SCOTT. He is a mean person, probably the meanest ever. Lyssa is also the best at dancing. Whether at a Rice party or a club, she has some sweet dance moves. You really can’t ever stop her from dancing. She even runs/dances the outer loop while listening to her favorite Reggaton. Also, Lyssa is obsessed with basketball and for good reason, too. She is THE best at basketball. Most afternoons and nights, Lyssa can be found playing pick up at Autry and destroying the field with her perfect shots. However, Lyssa is not so much the best at being on time. If you are meeting up with her, be sure to tell her to be there 10 minutes earlier. But Lyssa is really the bestest friend anyone could want, and she just might be your friend, too. I’m not saying it will be easy though. For starters, you should probably compliment her on her car (who buys their car off of Ebay anyway?), start calling her “Lyssie,” and definitely bring her some miniature Reese’s or some homemade cookies with icing (mmm…so delicious). But don’t just take my word for it, find out for yourself why Lyssa Myska Allen is the best.

-Callie Wells, Sid ’08

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