Zen Your Spiritual Space

How to create a meditation space for yourself

by Mike Brannon, guitarist for the Texas based Synergy group and Zen Art Lighting designer at LightlinkLighting

We are so much more than our body or our surroundings. 
We are more than what we do or who we think we are. 
And we are more able to connect with that which is beyond what
We realize, via simplicity, by removing the distractions of life. 

Imagine having a place you could always return to that would allow you to let go of all your worries, fears, and concerns.

A place that would rebuild and replentish you.

A place that would bring you enlightened new ideas and synergystic personal energy that would displace those worries and take you to new, yet unimagined places of serenity and joy.

A place that would recharge you, reenergize you and remind you who you really are

The value of a meditation space is hard to express or overestimate. Once you have your space, I’m sure you’ll agree. Your connection to your space will be unique, transporting, and transformative. You will become more of who you are, more in flow and more at peace within yourself and in relation to the world.

Creating Your Meditation Space

Like feng shui, it’s really not hard to create your meditation space. It’s just a matter of mindful editing, cleansing, and then returning only the most essential, meaningful, serenity-inducing elements. A good place to start is by visualizing the space to be. You may consider inspiring places you’ve been, or would like to visit and/or images of beautiful meditation spaces that resonate with you in deciding what to bring into your own space. There are no rules or absolutes.

Of course, as in nature, each space will be unique, as not everyone has the same type spaces available to them. Nature itself is, for some, among the best places to meditate and recharge. But we don’t always have that handy when we need it, nor is it always conducive to be one with the elements when it’s twenty degrees outside or raining.

What we’re going for is essence, purity, and simplicity. If you have a screened porch that faces a wooded area and a view of only nature, that should work perfectly. If your space is a small spare room, that’s great. The space should be comfortable, clean, quiet, and nicely scented. Any aspects of nature that can be brought in are welcome, ie a soft breeze, the sounds of water and wind in the trees, the scent of blooms outside the window (or incense/candles), birds chirping, or maybe an intruiging piece of driftwood.

If the space is a small room, start by removing everything you can and cleaning everything with a natural oil (natural citrus or better, something exotic you can’t quite place) and natural cleaning products. Scent is very powerful to memory and for being transported. Quality scented oils can be found at your local health food store or online. Once the floor and the few pieces of furniture are cleaned, bring the pieces back in and place carefully (feng shui is welcome). Each will have a specific function and placement in this room or they needn’t be there. Each should have personal, positive meaning to you. Each may have a patina of age and wisdom. 

One option is to have an altar; a slightly raised space where candles, incense burner, focal images and the like can be placed. The floor may be covered with a soft, natural fiber, tribal carpet, preferably of wool or silk. A pillow may be placed before the altar for comfort or you may just sit on the carpet. Lighting should be very soft, if any at all, candles or simply the suns rays. You should ultimately be able to forget where you are. 

Other options are to have printed sheets on the walls, over the screens or over a window to filter the light and add mystery, or to have wall murals depicting ancient scenes or figures of the East. Whatever helps you to place yourself elsewhere and suspend your sense of where you are in time and space.

Using Your Meditation Space

Enjoy the process, as you build your new space. Have a cup of your favorite tea and take your time. Smile. Watch the Sun as is slowly scans the room. Enjoy the journey, the peace, the hummingbird flitting across your blooms. Theres no hurry. It’s all going to happen and enhance your life in ways you will enjoy for a long time to come. It will be the place you can’t wait to return to to recharge, unwind, and let go. Give it all you have, as it will to you.

This is the value of a meditation space: your private refuge. 

And we all need that. 

Image: A screened in porch is an excellent meditation space. Some rights reserved by jmrodri

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