The Dichotomy of My Existence:

The Girl of Two Shoes

by Lyssa Myska Allen

The Dichotomy of My Existence:

I am of a different breed
societal conventions I don’t heed
I’m hard for people to read
because I don’t follow, I lead

People’s roles in society seem fixed
but my character is all mixed
Typical descriptions cannot be picked
stereotypes must be eighty-sixed

The sorority girl is a girly girl
only caring about making her hair curl
Or getting a guy to take her out for a whirl
with a closer look these claims will unfurl

For being a baller I’ve been called half man
a compliment because I can do all they can
But derogatory because this world by men is ran
and women are only expected to be a fan

When someone shares the characteristics of the two
People don’t know what to do
And they lash out against her who
Is comfortable with a high heel and a tennis shoe

This makes it hard for the girl of two shoes
whatever she does, she will lose
Why would this path someone choose?
She wants together the two worlds to fuse

She doesn’t consciously try for this goal
she just doesn’t like either role
And with girls like her to pay the toll
the next generation will have a lighter soul

She dreams of the day
when girls and boys can play
Without having to say
to which gender homage they pay

Until then however,
she has undertaken this endeavor
And will live her life as clever
Staying true forever.

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